Recent talks

Here are the slides  from a few recent talks about the challenges facing the “science of reading,” and related topics. I’ve also included links to the talks that are available, and links to websites for the events.

Montag Lecture, Atlanta, March 2022,  “Efficacy, Efficiency, and Equity: The Goals of Early Reading Instruction”.  Slides. Video.

Path Forward Summit, Barksdale Reading Institute, November 2021, “The Science of Reading and Literacy Outcomes: Who Needs to Know What?”. SlidesInfo.

Barksdale talk with reading educators,  Barksdale Reading Institute, Nov 10,2021, “What we know about how reading works that’s relevant to teacher education”.  Slides

International Dyslexia Association Los Angeles, March 5, 2022, “How to Connect Reading Research and the Real World”. Slides

Thompson Center Summit on Early Literacy.  Madison, WI, February 8, 2023, “Using reading research to improve literacy outcomes”.  Slides.  Video.


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  1. Hi Dr. Seidenberg,

    I’d like to cite an academic resource about NOT teaching phonemic awareness “in the dark.” Can you direct me to some articles that highlight teaching phonemic awareness with the use of letters, rather than solely via listening?


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