Talks & Papers

Talk Slides

The slides from my talk at the Atlanta Speech School Montag Lecture Series, 2022

The slides from my talk at the IDA, Los Angeles Branch Conference, 2022

The slides from my presentation to the Wisconsin Joint Legislative Council, 2020

The slides from my Hollis Scarborough Award Talk at AIM, 2020

The slides from my Orton talk at the International Dyslexia Association meeting, 2019

Presentations and Discussions

Montag Lecture Series Talk, Atlanta Speech School, 2022

Symposia Series on Early Literacy Policies Presentation, Wisconsin Joint Legislative Council, 2020

Hollis Scarborough Award Talk, AIM Institute for Learning & Research, 2020

Press conference, Wisconsin Call to Action for Reading Excellence, 2020

General audience talk, Wisconsin Public Television, 2019

Science of Reading: Bridging the Classroom Gap, my presentation at an MIT event, 2019

Reading Rockets interview, 2018

Reading Horizons Q&A, 2018

Keynote at the first conference of The Reading League, 2017


Teaching Reading to African American Children: When Home and School Language Differ (2021)

Lost in Translation? Challenges in Connection Reading Science and Educational Practice (2020)

Reading Science and Educational Practice: Some Tenets for Teachers (2020)


Wisconsin Public Radio interview about phonics instruction in Wisconsin schools, 2020

Podclassed podcast interview about my book and reading instruction, 2018

Lexicon Valley podcast interview about my book and the reading wars, 2017

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