What’s Here

Stuff related to my book.
A blog to discuss issues, actions, controversies as they arise.
Materials to use and amuse.

Book:  All of the endnotes are included here with live links to the cited documents and websites. I’ve created simple demos of important experiments: suitable for trying on your friends and family!  Supplemental material that clarifies some of the tricky sections of the book.  Coming very soon:  A full reader’s guide to the book, with chapter summaries, links, answers to common questions.

Seidenblog:  Comments, analyses, criticism.  A lot is happening across the country, with new controversies over curricula, teaching methods, teacher qualifications, legislation, and dyslexia. A person has to respond. And you can too.

Materials to Use and Amuse:  Illustrations, data figures, videos.  Links to reliable sites. The funny pages.