What’s Here

This site has materials related to my book.
All of the Endnotes have been posted with live links to Internet resources.  You can just click on them, which is one advantage over the print version.
The Kindle version is marketed as an “eTextbook”, but it is the standard Kindle format.   When read using the Kindle app on a computer, phone, or pad, the links work: clicking opens the web site, video, or document, which is very convenient.
Barnes and Noble has the Nook version–and they have had hardcovers in stock when Amazon did not.
I’ve also provided some other good stuff, including figures and illustrations that couldn’t be included in the book,  demos of some phenomena you can try yourself, updates on recent developments, errata–yes, there are a couple of mortifying errors–and much more.
I hope to begin a conversation with readers using the Seidenblog page. Let me know what you think!
Happy multimedia experience! (Which still requires being able to read!)
PS:  Broken links or other problems with the website?  Send mail:  seidenbergreading@gmail.com. Thanks very much.