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New York Times review   (click images to embiggen)

“Mr. Seidenberg makes a strong case for how brain science can help the teaching profession….  [He] has that rare knack of sounding reasonable and righteous at the same time.”


Wall Street Journal review:

“Mr. Seidenberg makes a convincing case that we have learned more about reading and the brain in the past two decades than in the previous century. He also shows that our failure to use this new knowledge to improve how we teach children is causing real harm, especially to the most vulnerable. Every teacher of young children as well as those who train them should read this book.” Michael S. Roth, president of Wesleyan University.


Washington Post review:


“Cognitive neuroscientist Seidenberg digs deep into the science of reading to reveal the ways human beings learn how to read and process language…. Seidenberg explores current research into dyslexia and other literacy problems, especially as they pertain to the challenges facing the American education system. His approach is pragmatic, myth-destroying and rooted in science—and his writing makes for powerful reading.”  —Publishers Weekly

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