Best symposium ever?

Here’s a link to the recording of a symposium that I highly recommend. The speakers were Kymyona Burk, Emily Hanford, Donna Hejtmanek, and me. It was organized by a center here at UW-Madison because the state legislature seems to be getting serious about legislation related to reading. Heretofore there hasn’t been any forward movement here because of our political polarization. This event turned out to be super. Really stimulating talks by people who know how to communicate (even mine went pretty well!). It’s a great team–I only wish we could take our show on the road. It wouldn’t be as big as Taylor’s Eras tour, but it would also be easier to get tickets! Cheaper too.

The organizers left a lot of time for talk among participants and Q&A from the audience, which included legislators as well as educators, parents, and other interested parties.

Take a look: it’s worthwhile. I say this having attended a lot of very good events of this sort over the years.

My talk starts at 30:00, but it’s preceded by Kymyona and followed by Emily and Donna. The talks take into account the situation here in Wisconsin, but that situation is similar to ones in other states, and the talks cover issues of general interest.

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  1. Just started listening to this and I am, once again, appalled by the fact that professionals still refer to the 3 cueing system as the child is supposed to figure out the word. I don’t know how this got miscommunicated but it needs to stop. It is a scaffolding approach. You can’t just use one source to get to a word. It needs to sounds right, look right (phonics) and make sense. How is this not what we want our children to do?

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